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So, my Grandfather loved westerns. Oddly enough, he felt a kinship to the Indians. I say oddly, because he was born in the city of Fall River and a city man all his life, and not really a big spiritual guy or anything, and you know, Portuguese through and through. So, his identification with the Native Americans is a bit unexpected.

Anyway, he liked a lot of the traditional John Wayne style Westerns and all, but he especially enjoyed Little Big Man. Again, as I grew up, this choice struck me as odd, because this is a fairly thought-provoking movie, and he tended towards less cerebral shoot outs. In any case, he liked it a lot, and I felt it was a measure of good taste on his part, because Little Big Man is excellent.

As the years wore on and he became less coherent, he often repeated his favorite stories... ... like every time I saw him Because I was his only Grandson, I was frequently treated to his retelling of the ending of Little Big Man. I don't know how many times I had to smile and laugh politely as he repeated, "Well, sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn't." Now, I know he was processing something, probably due to his aging, and honestly, it is a pretty awesome ending, but at the time it wore on me, and even in retrospect, I still find myself sighing.

More so, because I know something he did not. Somewhere between my grandfather's decline and his death, I read Little Big Man, and I hate to spoil things for you, but in the book the magic works. The old man goes to the top of the mountain and dies in front of his grandson and the entire universe. And as my grandfather continued to lose his grip on reality, that stuck with me more and more. Ultimately, the magic works. We just die.

Somehow, this settled in on me. I mean, towards the end, my Grandfather was really out of it, but he was still clinging to the Hollywood ending of the movie, and I knew better, but didn't tell him. And then he died, because eventually, the magic works.

Today, the magic worked for one of the finer people I have known, [ profile] msmemory. I don't think I'll ever bungle a line without recalling her gentle correction as a stage manager, and thus, I am sure to think of her often. She will be deeply missed and my heart goes out to those who remain and feel her loss. She was brilliant.

And yet, more anon...

Date: 2011-01-20 04:21 pm (UTC)
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What a lovely description and memory of her. I can see her doing it.

Date: 2012-11-05 04:37 am (UTC)
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