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Birthdate:May 9
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
Cristovau Vasquez is a foolish SCA actor and practitioner of Commedia Del Arte. Commonly seen in Carolingia he performs Shakespeare, sings, dances & avoids responsibility. In the 7V Campaign LARP, he was Kristoff, THAT bard. In the Cottington Woods Campaign LARP, he plays Hay the Strawman. You may know him from Intercon, as a member of WONDERLARPS! and a ubiquitous player of a variety of different characters. He's also known as Chris Shannon when he's at home, writing or pretending to be a responsible adult.

His family includes his wife, step-son, daughter and son along with two cats and multiple dust bunnies. He lives in a mostly yellow house. Currently, he works in technical support for medical devices. Normally, he doesn't talk about himself in third person, but will make exceptions in the case of biographies.
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