Jan. 28th, 2015

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So, it has been a while since I actually posted. Things have been good, if snow-bound and winter-filled.

As noted, I joined Best Fitness. This is a big thing for me. I have NEVER joined a gym. The thing is, I enjoy exercise, but I have typically preferred exercise to be similar to prayer - private and personal. It is strangely anti-social. Anyway, I have certainly had to brush a big chip off my shoulder to go for this. For the next few months I will be working with a personal trainer to work up my strength and reflexes to specifically become a better stick fighter. As long as I am working out, might as well direct it towards a goal. Right now I am working on my hips and rotation and improving my lateral movement. It is literally a pain in my butt. Apparently my glutes need some serious exercise. Who knew?

Bess has started ramping up her new home business - shimmering silks. She has done a lot of silk painting projects and her recent work on Ira's Tallis had her thinking that this is a needed niche she can fill. She will be making a number of painted silk scarves, barrettes, and of course Tallisim. The silk stretchers are impressive and tend to take over the kitchen. This winter's cleaning task will be to get the basement habitable so she can work on them there.

The mid-winter Boffer events happened. I enjoyed the heck out of both Cottington and Occam's Razor. I will be interested in seeing where the path in Occam's goes. I did not get much personally in way of plot for Cottington, and maybe I missed it. Some general Golem plot moved forward and I made stuff happen with various fairies. I need to finish up a PEL.

My work on the Intercon game, VENTING DAY, continues apace. Casting is interesting and I have roles largely gender-swapped in the two runs. I am also running a private game for the Brown crowd REAL SOON NOW. That is exciting and a bit nerve wracking. I think I will generally use the gender-casting of the second Intercon game for their roles. It is very interesting to have a character swap genders, and I suspect I could do a fascinating paper on the role of gender in game based on these runs. Of course, that is too much work, and this is for fun. It will also be interesting to have this game so very well boxed that I would be glad to hand it to others. I really hope my guess of 2 hours is right. I may have to rush some stuff, or set a timer - 25 minutes per vignette. See how it goes.

Noah had his birthday. We finally buckled and made sure he got Skylander Trap Team. It was good to wait. He needed some more general attention and capability to play the game through. He has been enjoying it a lot - maybe too much? Nonny has been rebitten by Judy Moody and made herself a Summer Challenge Chart with a Lot of THRILL goals (inspired by Judy Moody & the Non-Bummer Summer) We'll definitely have to see how that goes. I suspect she might go Bigfoot hunting again. I will do what I can to help. Probably set up a wildlife camera near her trap.

Ira has been a less-sullen teen now that he is actually a teen. To be fair, last year was pretty rough on him. He was concerned for his Step-mom and concerned and unhappy about the ramp up to his bar mitzvah. Now, he is not doing Sunday School, Hebrew School, and barely doing Boy Scouts. It has helped having a looser schedule. Also, he has settled on some medications, and I think they really help. This year has been MUCH better scholastically and just in general. I am delighted to have him back and happier.

We had a lot of snow. For some reason I am resisting the purchase of a snow-blower. We actually bought one ten years ago before Nonny was born, but I cheaped out on it and the thing died after one winter. So, I have some good snow shovels and a sore back. I do not know how my stoic resolve will hold up after the predicted hardship of this winter. The driveway may become smaller and smaller with each snowfall.

In the meantime, I am preparing for NEW LARPS. The Dear Deer got together to hang out and talk expectations for Crossover. It was great. I had some concerns about being part of this race because I do not naturally drift to an tight-knit and stand-offish team. However, that is not anyone's desire and any of my worries were unfounded. Indeed, for Crossover I hope to actually play a lot with my wife. CRAZY! Speaking of which, her current race concept is super-wacky. I suddenly have a lot of floon for a game 16 months away!

And in the 5th Gate department, I may be switching my build. At Cottington [livejournal.com profile] liahgeron pointed out a interesting build possibility. If you combine a certain defender that can refresh 4 air armor by losing 1 vitality, with the healing header that has a reasonable healing pool, you suddenly get 20+ uses of refresh armor. That is a sort of crazy tanking that I have been trying to ignore for the sake of not cheesing my build. But 80 points of disposable armor is hard to ignore...

In any case, this is where I am. For all my socialization. I need to get out more.

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