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So, let me see:

This weekend, March 25-27 has us doing Easter at my folks after a Purim Speil at the synagogue.

Then we have April 1-3, which is my anniversary and some Bat Mitzvah preparation for Nonny. The first step!

Then, my LARP spring begins with the Finale of Cottington Woods, April 8-10. I am looking forward to this with a mixed delight and sadness.

Immediately follow this with the PENULTIMATE Shadows of Amun event (#12) in which redacted will happen to redacted after redacted shows up.

Then Bess heads off to Wrathborn #3, April 22-24, or she would if it weren’t Passover. So yeah, we do Passover!

Then there is April 29-May 1 which is strangely empty…

Then, we see Crossover start, and Sylvester will become a reality, ready or not, May 6-8.

Followed immediately by THE END OF ENDINGS – Shadows of Amun GAME 13 – May 13-15

Again, May blesses me with a free weekend (probably our observed Mother’s Day) May 20-22

AND then the Eyrie storms the Silverfire Kingdom for Silverfire #3, May 27-29

A small breather on June 3-5, and then the second Crossover event June 10-12.

That is a lot of upcoming LARP, and it is coming up soon.

Ohhhh my! This means two weekends of prep, and then 7 out of 10 weekends of STUFF running. April & May are crazy.

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So, my calender is pretty much LARP-centric lately, and will be next year. Do not be surprised if this LJ becomes largely a forum for LARP topics. One of those things. Next year? Here is what I got...

10-12 Cottington Woods (and missing Occams Razor, drat conflicts)
17-19 Shadows of Amun
1-3 Fifth Gate (I am not playing this - okay, I might be)
8-10 Bess goes to Clockwork Skies to NPC
15-17 Occams Razor
22-24 Shadows of Amun (Memorial Day weekend. conflict with Aralis CLOSER - SADface)
29-31 Bess goes to 5th Gate
5-7 Cottington Woods (Bess misses Clockwork Skies)


4-6 I go to 5th Gate
11-13 Clockwork Skies for Bess
18-20 Cottington Woods
25-27 Shadows of Amun
2-4 Bess at 5th Gate
9-11 Bess at Clockwork Skies
31- Occams Razor

So, for four games each, and 5 total, there is only 1 conflict for me, and 1 conflict for Bess. That is pretty amazing. Also, CRAZY

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So, last weekend was Game 3 of Shadows of Amun. If you have not heard, we super-surprised our PC base by sending this group of 1919 players to the end of the 2nd Crusades, 1168. The looks of shock and horror were fairly awesome, and the transition – amazing.

Thinking on game )

Overall, things went well. I have a weird staff role where I wind up on the PC side as a hook a whole lot. It almost feels like I am playing the game with a full set of spoilers. It is a weird experience, but I sort of like it. I am writing and playing.

At some point I need to get some more combat against the players in. 1168 should help.

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One delightful thing about Welcome to Dragon Palace was that all the PCs, except one, are involved in Shadows of Amun. Half of us are PCs (Tiger, Boar, Rooster, Dog, & Rat) and the other half of us NPC (Horse, Rabbit, Monkey, Snake, and Ox). It was unusual and fun to work together as a make-shift team. Strengely familiar, and yet not. I felt a bit bad for Meg, our amazing Goat, who is not involved in Shadows.

Guess who may be coming to Shadows in May as a PC?

It is still tentative, but I hope so. Our Goat was such a great player, and it would be fabulous to see her in Luxor.

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So, the announcement has been made:

"The player of Aziz, Dustin Hennesy, will no longer be allowed admittance to any Shadows of Amun event, either in the capacity of a player or in the capacity of an NPC.

Shadows of Amun is committed to a safe gaming environment for all our attendees.

Shadows of Amun Plot Staff."

This has been an emotionally draining decision. Ultimately, the safety of our players comes first. With the testimony presented, publicly and privately, there was no other alternative.

I am extremely thankful to be part of this responsive and considerate group. I also remain impressed by the strength of character shown by those who have spoken out, and who have come to me about this.

Thank you for trusting us and giving us a chance to try to do the right thing. We are in your debt.

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So, it strikes me that I should post this on my own journal as well as others:

We want you! Shadows of Amun, a Horror and Adventure Larp set in historical 1918 Egypt, has begun casting NPCs for the Fall sessions and Campaign. The game is a mix of Indiana Jones, H.P. Lovecraft and Casablanca whirled in an Accelerant blender. Roles will be varied and there are many roles for boffer combat and nerf gunners, and role-play as well. The sooner you sign up, the better we can match your style of play.

The Fall games will be running on September 27th – 29th and shortly thereafter on October 11th – 13th. We have a CP exchange with many LARPs and we are running at the picturesque East Boston Camps (66 Depot St., Westford, MA 01886.)

Enter the Shadows(website)

This would also be a great opportunity for Intercon and theater-style folks to dip their feet in boffer games, and the accellerant rule system you may have heard so much about.

Please e-mail me at to sign up for our npc list, or if you have any questions.

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