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So, when I originally started writing Venting Day, I wanted the characters to be gender neutral. This doesn't mean that all the characters are gender-less (although a couple are pretty much gender-less for a variety of definitions) but rather it doesn't matter for game play if "An inspired, misunderstood genius" identifies as a man or woman, for example. Further, attraction between players isn't set in straight fashion and pairing could create homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual identities based on casting and shifts. I wanted the identity to be fluid and casting to challenge what might be seen as gender tropes. It has been interesting, and I have loved seeing how different castings and gender identity change the presentation of the roles.

But I goofed up. In writing the 7, and then 9 characters, I gave the characters traditional gender-specific names and used gender specific pronouns. In the various runs, I edited each sheet for the casting and player chosen identity. But this meant that each run reflected the specific casting and gender of the run. It was quite a bit of work to verify that each character sheet had the correct gender nuances for the sheet and the other castings in the run.

This wasn't what I originally wanted, and I should have gone the extra half-mile to create gender neutral names and material. Well, that is what I am doing NOW. Essentially, I am filing off gender markers from the entire game. It is a bit of work and I tend to fall on using the character's name instead of shorthand pronouns.

In any case, I wanted to list here the gender-neutral names. I know some have some gender leanings, but overall, I like these:

Rowan Van Allen
Emery Janos
Charlie Wares
Alexis Smythe
Dinton Jiness
Clover Linden
Morgan Sears
Loren Larson
Jordan Wu

So, what does my internet bunch think? Are these suitably vague in terms of gender id? Would you feel comfortable playing a character with this name and your preferred gaming gender id? Inquiring GMS need to know!

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This year Intercon will be running in a different venue. I was talking with some friends about it, and I think one of the challenges is that the venue has progressively required more and more small convention space, specifically in the form of suites where mini games run. I think this was difficult on the hotel and an odd sort of con request. It is also the result of having more games, but smaller games.

It seems unlikely that Intercon will be able to manage the more-smaller model in a new venue. It is a tough request to make of a hotel facility. So, I think that it is prudent of those submitting games, and those who might submit games, to bring more large games to the table. I am no exception to this rule. In thinking of this, let me go back to my numbers;

Game & Size
Serpent Spiral - Max.34
Vengeance in Zanzibar - Max.27
The Wreckers - Max.28
Purging Purgatory - Max.30

The thing is that the bigger games require big rooms and Serpent needs two dedicated spaces. I'm uncertain what to do. Vengeance in Zanzibar only ran once, and I think I have found a way to improve the tension and story, and possibly remove a huge obstacle. It may be a doable game, but it is a weird one and would require a lot of rewriting and improvement (and possibly some new characters)

There is a temptation to write a NEW game, but most of the ideas I have are smaller ideas.

Bowie, Bowie, Bowie
This is my every character is a different version of David Bowie, and no you can't all be the Goblin King. Believe it or not, I have an idea for an actual plot that might be workable if Tesla-Bowie and The-Bowie-Who-Fell-To-Earth are played well. It is weird and I dunno if I can actual write a game for 30 David Bowies.

Screwed Up People Make Great Art
This is a weird concept of a game idea where players will be encouraged to make art in-game and bring materials. The idea is that wach player will be playing a GREAT artist at some sort of timeless (or unusual) Conference on the measure of man. The game will explore our relationship to art, creativity, and meaning. And because I am writing it, the artists may have to save the Universe... ...or something.

This is what happens, Larry, when you FIND a Stranger in the ALPS!
So, this one is a brand new idea. There is a famous scene in The Big Lebowski where John Goodman smashes a quality automobile shouting, "This is what happens, Larry, when you f*** a stranger in the a**." You see my use of "*" for censor beeping? Well, apparently, they just changed the language for TV acceptability and it mysteriously became, "This is what happens, Larry, when you FIND a Stranger in the ALPS!" This is both nonsensical and fascinating... and that is a good starting point for a game. I have no idea what it would be about? Do you? Do you think I could get 30 people to play a surreal descent into censorship? It is a mystery. Also, a long title...

I just... I am not... man, that might be too much for me.

Anyway, what do you, the reading audience, think? Bring out an old game or try crafting something new? I ask now, because I need to get this ball rolling before Fall boffer season eats my brain.

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So, the floodgates opened on the first pick of games for Intercon. My choice was clear. "For those in Peril on the Sea" is about whaling, 19th Century, a sensory game, and SINGING! Plus, it is run by someone I trust. AND THERE WILL BE A WHALE, RIGHT!

*ahem* In any case, it was a small game, and I feel a bit selfish for grabbing a spot, but I don't care. I am also quite excited having learned the other players. This is a nice feature this year and gets a positive thumbs up from me. While I would have learned about some of the other players, some I don't know well enough to follow their journals/fb/media. I am quite psyched for this group. It will be a good game.

I think I will be greedy in my second pick for Saturday Night as well. Spring River sounds like a great game, and could be a very emotional experience. The GM team is a solid, and popular one, and I am surprised there are many openings at this point. If I fail to get into this A Song of Mergers and Acquisitions will be a fun, and easily costumed game.

I am entertaining greed in my choice 1 & 2 because I think the rest of my con may well be spent running and assisting where I can. I hope to crunch for Stop That Moon! and have offered my assistance in Planetfall. Then, there is my game. Thus, the schedule is full.

Next year I hope to run a LARGE game. We will have to see what inspiration hits. Bess and I have joked and considered a horde game based on "Too Many Cooks." That could be truly frightening, but might involve a writing party and a lot of alcohol.


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One delightful thing about Welcome to Dragon Palace was that all the PCs, except one, are involved in Shadows of Amun. Half of us are PCs (Tiger, Boar, Rooster, Dog, & Rat) and the other half of us NPC (Horse, Rabbit, Monkey, Snake, and Ox). It was unusual and fun to work together as a make-shift team. Strengely familiar, and yet not. I felt a bit bad for Meg, our amazing Goat, who is not involved in Shadows.

Guess who may be coming to Shadows in May as a PC?

It is still tentative, but I hope so. Our Goat was such a great player, and it would be fabulous to see her in Luxor.

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So, everyone else seems to be weighing in on games, and now I have opinions...

So, I am really interested in "AFTER PARTY" because I am curious about Ars Armandi, and the setting seems highly appropriate for an interesting game. I think this is my leading choice.

After that, well, it depends on what is open... If these games don't fill or conflict outright, I might try...

A Game of Thrones: Blackfyre Rising (Because I adore the GMs, and who knows - I can turn my TV series lore into... a nightmare - A performance!)
A Mayfair in the Colonies (Also, a fabu team! and such a concept, especially as a Chelmsford resident - 2nd leading game?)
Cirque Du Fey (such a fun concept - circus and Fey!?!)

Then, there are the tertiary games I find fascinating, but I am guessing won't fill automatically.

Last Fair Deal Gone Down - Sounds awesome, and is my realstic second pick
Planetfall - I can't ignore a good scifi game, and this sounds good
Rabbit Run - Hey, these GMs sound familiar - a mini Accelerant game at Intercon?
Dying of the Light - Experimental, angsty and Dylan Thomas quote = winning
Epitaphs - Sounds interesting, and I'm curious what the GMs/Writers do with it
Darfur Bingo - This GM has written one of my favorite and least favorite games: worth a 3rd try!

And of Course, I am running The Wreckers with Bess! So, when the preliminary schedule comes out, everything changes! And who knows? I may want to help out with another game run.

Anyway, those are my first thoughts. Second thoughts? We'll see...

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