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So, let me see:

This weekend, March 25-27 has us doing Easter at my folks after a Purim Speil at the synagogue.

Then we have April 1-3, which is my anniversary and some Bat Mitzvah preparation for Nonny. The first step!

Then, my LARP spring begins with the Finale of Cottington Woods, April 8-10. I am looking forward to this with a mixed delight and sadness.

Immediately follow this with the PENULTIMATE Shadows of Amun event (#12) in which redacted will happen to redacted after redacted shows up.

Then Bess heads off to Wrathborn #3, April 22-24, or she would if it weren’t Passover. So yeah, we do Passover!

Then there is April 29-May 1 which is strangely empty…

Then, we see Crossover start, and Sylvester will become a reality, ready or not, May 6-8.

Followed immediately by THE END OF ENDINGS – Shadows of Amun GAME 13 – May 13-15

Again, May blesses me with a free weekend (probably our observed Mother’s Day) May 20-22

AND then the Eyrie storms the Silverfire Kingdom for Silverfire #3, May 27-29

A small breather on June 3-5, and then the second Crossover event June 10-12.

That is a lot of upcoming LARP, and it is coming up soon.

Ohhhh my! This means two weekends of prep, and then 7 out of 10 weekends of STUFF running. April & May are crazy.

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A while ago, I mentioned I had a huge playlist for Cottington. While I would share it, it is too big and questionably appropriate for the game. I created a shorter list of songs I want to learn and sing, which is a better to share in general.

It feels good to have some songs to sing, and it makes my commute more interesting.

Cottington Woods Playlist (Short Version)

Safe Upon the Shore - Great Big Sea
Weelia Weelia Wallia - Dublineers
She Moved through the Fair - Peter Hollens
Health to the Company - Brobdingnagian Bards
A Clean Song - Oscar Brand
Byrd one Brere - St George Canzona
Wind and Rain - Crooked Still
How Can I Kepp from Singing? - ENYA
Almost Home - HEM
Have You seen but a Bright Lily Grow? - Jennifer Lane
Take My Ashes to the River - Mark Erelli
So Says the Whipporwill - Richard Shindell
Tomorrow Will be Kinder - The Secret Sisters
Wildest Sea - The Strangelings
All the World is green - Tom Waits
Keep me in your Heart - Warren Zevon
Queen of Argyle - Bedlam Bards
Don't get Married Girls - Sean Cannon
The Humbling River - Puscifer
The Mermaid - Great Big Sea
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Had a good Thanksgiving, despite traffic and poorly devised plans which mostly involved me being stubborn and saying WE-CAN-DO-IT! We did manage, although we were late to the party in New Jersey. Overall, I love that our kids have a sense of the extended family. It doesn’t hurt that I like Bess’ family a lot. We also saw Big Hero 6. It was awesome and I loved it. This might be one we have to own.

I spent part of yesterday (between taking calls at work) working on Ondrej Vlk’s family history. I have a family tree and a few additional stories. I hope to submit this addition by the end of the week. It is curious because I seem to be painting him much more sympathetic than I originally envisioned. This might be because I have already played him longer than expected? In any case, I like his background more now, and some of his history that he has been telling people might be exaggerations.

In similar LARP news, I have been poking my build for 5th Gate. Now that a teammate is taking on the role of Heart of the Warband, I am focusing on being a big damn caster. The more I play with the build, the more my card gets confusing as hell. I had hoped to keep it simple, but now I have at least two skills for each statistic and a pool of per event statistics to share on my skills just in case. It makes sense, and is a good build that will allow me to throw a lot of uncalled packets (and 3 back-up thrown weapons because at 1CP why not?) but it won’t be easy to keep track of all my skills and incants and stuff. AGAIN! If, for some reason, I pick up Heart of the Warband later, the build will be good for that as well. Most of my utility comes from having a big pool of uncalled packets. This is good by me because, on reflection, my main advantage as a packet chucker is that my throwing arm has excellent range. Being able to throw over our defensive line into a cluster of foes will be too much fun and I can enjoy doing that ALL DAY. Plus, the Necromancer header (with a slice of Dead Speaker) will provide a lot of great role-play possibilities. I suspect that I will end up taking Heart of the Warband as I build my character and we realize we need another war band, but I will let that form organically in game. It is a relief to dial back down to two headers. Also? The off-hand weapon skill for the Necromancer does not specify the type of weapon being held, just the material (bone). This means I could be a caster with a pole-arm or a two-hander, which, you know, is a complete weapon form. Not that staff isn’t, but pole arm is even cooler… and bone? If I do this right, it will look AWESOME!

Cottington Woods is coming up, and I am excited for the ball. I ordered a tailcoat on EBAY and it is not quite right. It is too nice for HAY! So, I am stuck with the dilemma, do I mess it up a bit and add patches, or do I keep it for other LARP uses? Part of me just wants to make HAY! a much more awkward coat. Maybe I can make a quick mock up for a tailcoat, and make it in some rough fabric, and use that mock up for HAY! It is a thought. Who knew doing too well on Ebay was a problem?

With the holidays coming up, I am horribly off for getting presents. I have a few ideas, but I will need to wait for my next payday (Dec 9) to pursue these. My budgeting in 2014 has been HORRIBLE! I must get this under control next year.

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So, my calender is pretty much LARP-centric lately, and will be next year. Do not be surprised if this LJ becomes largely a forum for LARP topics. One of those things. Next year? Here is what I got...

10-12 Cottington Woods (and missing Occams Razor, drat conflicts)
17-19 Shadows of Amun
1-3 Fifth Gate (I am not playing this - okay, I might be)
8-10 Bess goes to Clockwork Skies to NPC
15-17 Occams Razor
22-24 Shadows of Amun (Memorial Day weekend. conflict with Aralis CLOSER - SADface)
29-31 Bess goes to 5th Gate
5-7 Cottington Woods (Bess misses Clockwork Skies)


4-6 I go to 5th Gate
11-13 Clockwork Skies for Bess
18-20 Cottington Woods
25-27 Shadows of Amun
2-4 Bess at 5th Gate
9-11 Bess at Clockwork Skies
31- Occams Razor

So, for four games each, and 5 total, there is only 1 conflict for me, and 1 conflict for Bess. That is pretty amazing. Also, CRAZY

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