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So, today is my new quasi-monthly holiday "PAYDAY!" and it coincided with sending me a "We'll double your booster pack purchase right now" e-mail. Now, emusic has been a quirky and nebulous service. It originally featured independent and hard-to-get artists and labels with a reasonably affordable subscription service. I liked it as a means of filling out my music collection. Then, they added a lot more labels and major artists were available, but the per album price was higher. Now, they have dropped the prices and a lot of labels and it is similar to the original service - EXCEPT - they have added a streaming service that includes all previously purchased items. So, it is quirky, but full featured.

Anyway, I dropped in $50 for $100 worth of downloads. I chose 17 albums today, with a mix of Brazilian, some alternative-punkish, and classical recordings. It is a big load of music. The classical is especially pleasing to me. I must be getting old.

Anyway, here is what my $50 got me today:

A Creature I don't know - Laura Marling
A Sense of Place: Ravel, Sheng & Shostakovich - Triple Helix Piano Trio
Adagio I - Thomas Hlawatsch
Buddha - Blink-182
Cantigas de Alfonso X El Sabio - Orquesta del la Asociacion Espanola
Crystal Tears - Andreas Scholl
Debussy: Harp Works - Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam
Enemies - Pele
Every Night for you - Juned
For Keeps - The Field Mice
Forever Hasn't Happened Yet - John Doe
Mandolin and Guitar Recital - Alison Stephens
Romantic Harp - Patricia Spero
Songbook for Isabella - Musica Antiqua of London
The Medieval & Renaissance Harp - Elena Polanska
Timeless - Joyce
Why try to Change me now? - Maya

Looking forward to enjoying this in the months to come.

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Am I seriously surprised when Prime Items are scheduled out a week, despite 2nd Day Air? Get it in order Amazon. I have LARPS to go to this weekend! Why do I have LARPS to go to this weekend? Seems sort of crazy, I admit.

Anyway, after some more selective shopping and I will be getting all I need...

A pad of Black drawing paper (instead of sheets)
A silver and a gold calligraphy pen (Instead of ink well & pen)
A black fleece tactical balaclava
Jet Liquid Eyeliner
Prime Time Foundation 15 Fl Oz (wanted 30)

So, that was 3 swapped out items and I dropped a second eyeliner. I guess that the Amazonians are a bit busy, and in the end I am okay. Still, I am a bit let down. Consider this a warning for holiday shopping.

Related, looking forward to 5th Gate's Conglomeration event.

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I have switched to the Moto X phone, which has limited storage. No longer can I swap out micro-sd cards! This is okay. I have tons of music streaming from Amazon. However, if I intend to listen to my offline (crazy, that) I must download some and that brings back the top 10 albums idea!

So, I have what are the top albums you could not live without right now? Curious music fiends are curious...

(This has been cross-posted to G+ and Facebook, which is a curious experiment right there)
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NERF, that is... )

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