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2017-04-19 01:28 pm

All aboard

Hello Dreamy people...

My LJ account has been completely imported here, for those who are curious. The larger swath of it was already stored away when LJBOOK was free.

I must admit in all honesty, I don't expect I will be using Dreamwidth all that much. The Internet is made of people, and I have an active LARP community at Google Plus, and a huge everyone and my uncle community at Facebook.

So, I am not certain what I'd use DW for... perhaps when journals return to favor? Maybe a mass exodus from micro-blogging? I am not certain. In any and all cases, my LJ won't be checked any longer.

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2016-12-05 10:53 am
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Five Happy thoughts

Another gym day up, and another gym day down. Butterfly Press is awesome. Argh! but awesome.

Started working on an in-game Crossover LARP story yesterday.

I picked up a box of munchkins for the office this morning.

Finished enough leaf pick up this weekend to be satisfied. In time, too!

Album for today is Kate Bush's "50 Words for Snow." Huh, Stephen Fry is on the title song. New information for me. Very cool and moody album.

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2016-12-02 03:46 pm

Five happy thoughts...

Animal crackers
My kids asked for Moana songs at bedtime
Cracked open a a decent Malbec yesterday
Today, was balance/leg day at the gym - rocked it
Friday and another work week comes to a close!

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2016-12-01 12:51 pm
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Five Happy thoughts for the day…

Running a small LARP means I can e-mail my players 1-1 and discuss casting choices and preferences personally.

"Maui Man, you can try, try try, but you can't expect a demigod to beat a decapod (look it up)" – Shiny, Jemaine Clements on the Moana soundtrack

We have a new boss at the office. He seems reasonable, but I have “Don’t get fooled, again” running through my head.

In The Name of the Wind, my current audiobook, Kvothe is being vindictive. It is enjoyable, vicariously, and I realized it is a truth about realistic heroes. Even the best people, heroes, suck sometimes. Also, the internet tells me that Kvothe Meme is a thing.

I really enjoyed Sam Adam’s HOPFLAKE WHITE IPA from the Winter mix. When did I become an IPA guy?

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2016-11-30 01:36 pm

Happy thoughts for the day

Five happy thoughts…

I hit the gym this morning. My back and shoulders ache the good ache.

The Name of the Wind remains a delight to listen to, and I wish my commute was longer (Ha!)

Kicking butt and repairing lots of devices at work. I want to clear my to-dos before December.

Starting to get into Donnie Firebrand’s mindset as my default PC – funny at the gym.

Chai, our newest kitty, is sort of dog-like in adoration. Funny to have a cat welcome me home from work.

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2016-11-29 10:08 am
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Five Happy thoughts, reboot

I got out of the habit of posting my list of 5 good things. Attention can be hard to muster, and some days FIVE is hard to come up with. The things is, though, this practice is a good focus for the heart and a pretty good way of journaling the outline of your activity. Plus, in the social media arena, it gives you an outlet to frame your life and concerns to your friends. So, here it is, five good things that come to my mind today.

1. Moana – A great movie on many levels; good music, a romance free story, a female chieftain assumed to take power without conflict

2. Dark chocolate – This week out office has a selection of Dove Milk and dark chocolates. Bess has fully converted me to the dark side.

3. Nonny has an informal interview for Kids4Peace this weekend. She is interested and dedicated to communication between various religious groups and is more civics-minded than her parents. I am proud of her.

4. The Standing Rock Go Fund me page has exceeded their goal. They will need it, but it is important to recognize that despite hushed media coverage, they have gotten support and people have stepped forward and care about them. Stay vigilant. Stay supportive. Stand strong. This is a long fight. They need all the help they can get.

5. Still alive. It is worth noting that I never expected to get old when I was a kid. It wasn’t something that I thought of, but I always kind of assumed that something stupid would happen to me before I reached the age of 30. Here I am well past that, and chugging on. Borrowed time? Who knows, but in any case, I am glad for each moment. I am reminded of one of my favorite sorrowful Sarah Mclachlan songs, "Hold On."
We’ll see another day and we will praise it
And love the light that brings a smile across your face

Thus, ever, my closing and promise: more anon…
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2016-09-28 11:35 am

Some Haiku for 5th Gate

So, I need to preset some black scrolls. I am not going to sweat it. Some poetry is better than none, not worse (Verse?) So, here are 10 Haiku about death. Yay?

Cast unfeeling eyes
In-between this life and death
Pass by, pale Horseman!

A spring flurry
Crows dark as ancient depair
Float from tree to tree

Stabbing through my soul
This life a creamy rosebud
Plucked from the garden

In a split second
During a Fall's thoughtless breath
A life unravels

The last flicker dies
Chills settle in your cottage
As friends start to weep

This limp hand is held
As the wind catches the soul
The candle flickers

One more tendrilled soul
Has found a strong lattice
To wind upon now.

Succumbing to death
The eyes shine as they whisper
I am not afraid

A peace will settle
upon the needled forest
Witness to a Fall

Silence in the sky
Despite the intents thunderous
For we cannot hear

Okay, I'm getting in the head space for this game.

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2016-05-18 10:18 am

To all things an end and to end all things

So, now that Shadows is done, I may have some time to sink into other projects. We'll see. There is stuff that is overdue and stuff that needs more attention.

I am told I have a family, for example.

But there is also preparing for my other games. I have Cottington - 5th Gate - A free weekend??? - Crossover - Cottington - A FREE WEEKEND - and INK... and then it is summer properly.

We have season passes to Water Country again. They pay for themselves with two visits, but I'd like to make more... like maybe 4?

We will see. Summer is Coming!

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2016-03-29 02:26 pm
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Music Get: Booster double + payday = weak will

So, today is my new quasi-monthly holiday "PAYDAY!" and it coincided with sending me a "We'll double your booster pack purchase right now" e-mail. Now, emusic has been a quirky and nebulous service. It originally featured independent and hard-to-get artists and labels with a reasonably affordable subscription service. I liked it as a means of filling out my music collection. Then, they added a lot more labels and major artists were available, but the per album price was higher. Now, they have dropped the prices and a lot of labels and it is similar to the original service - EXCEPT - they have added a streaming service that includes all previously purchased items. So, it is quirky, but full featured.

Anyway, I dropped in $50 for $100 worth of downloads. I chose 17 albums today, with a mix of Brazilian, some alternative-punkish, and classical recordings. It is a big load of music. The classical is especially pleasing to me. I must be getting old.

Anyway, here is what my $50 got me today:

A Creature I don't know - Laura Marling
A Sense of Place: Ravel, Sheng & Shostakovich - Triple Helix Piano Trio
Adagio I - Thomas Hlawatsch
Buddha - Blink-182
Cantigas de Alfonso X El Sabio - Orquesta del la Asociacion Espanola
Crystal Tears - Andreas Scholl
Debussy: Harp Works - Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam
Enemies - Pele
Every Night for you - Juned
For Keeps - The Field Mice
Forever Hasn't Happened Yet - John Doe
Mandolin and Guitar Recital - Alison Stephens
Romantic Harp - Patricia Spero
Songbook for Isabella - Musica Antiqua of London
The Medieval & Renaissance Harp - Elena Polanska
Timeless - Joyce
Why try to Change me now? - Maya

Looking forward to enjoying this in the months to come.

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2016-03-28 09:44 am
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Easter weekend 2016

Overall, this was a good weekend. Friday had me heading home early because work was slow. Then Saturday, I had a lazy morning followed by a decent round of cleaning. Our dining room is much more livable as a result. As usual, I found a lot of interesting useful stuff.

Then Sunday was a clash of things. Since Purim was last week, our Temple’s religious studies (which happen on Sunday because, well, Sunday) were swapped out for the Purim Spiel, and carnival. Nonny and Noah were extremely well behaved for this and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Then I drove down to my Parents for an Easter Dinner. My folks aren’t religious any longer, but Easter dinner is a tradition, and that was important right now.

Tomorrow my dad is going into the hospital for a quadruple bypass, his first heart surgery. He was tired and a bit dazed. My mom is deeply stressed, but handling things well. The operation will be local and is old-hat now, by all accounts. Still, it is a hard thing to consider and daunting.

I’m not sure I ever adjusted to my father’s near death 11 years ago. There is an element to the event that changed him so fundamentally, it was like he had died and his shadow was left. I suppose it is often like that as one gets older, but it was so dramatic after his collapse. And my children never knew him before his collapse, so they only know the slow, tired man.

I am praying that this operation gives him some strength and a measure of renewed happiness. Many people feel this way about their parents, but he really is one of the finest people I know, and deserves as much joy as anyone can stand.

Needless to say, this made for an awkward Easter dinner. I hope your Spring tidings are joyous and meaningful.

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2016-03-25 02:56 pm

The Whirlwind approaches…

So, let me see:

This weekend, March 25-27 has us doing Easter at my folks after a Purim Speil at the synagogue.

Then we have April 1-3, which is my anniversary and some Bat Mitzvah preparation for Nonny. The first step!

Then, my LARP spring begins with the Finale of Cottington Woods, April 8-10. I am looking forward to this with a mixed delight and sadness.

Immediately follow this with the PENULTIMATE Shadows of Amun event (#12) in which redacted will happen to redacted after redacted shows up.

Then Bess heads off to Wrathborn #3, April 22-24, or she would if it weren’t Passover. So yeah, we do Passover!

Then there is April 29-May 1 which is strangely empty…

Then, we see Crossover start, and Sylvester will become a reality, ready or not, May 6-8.

Followed immediately by THE END OF ENDINGS – Shadows of Amun GAME 13 – May 13-15

Again, May blesses me with a free weekend (probably our observed Mother’s Day) May 20-22

AND then the Eyrie storms the Silverfire Kingdom for Silverfire #3, May 27-29

A small breather on June 3-5, and then the second Crossover event June 10-12.

That is a lot of upcoming LARP, and it is coming up soon.

Ohhhh my! This means two weekends of prep, and then 7 out of 10 weekends of STUFF running. April & May are crazy.

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2016-03-09 09:49 am
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Fixing a goof up - Venting Day

So, when I originally started writing Venting Day, I wanted the characters to be gender neutral. This doesn't mean that all the characters are gender-less (although a couple are pretty much gender-less for a variety of definitions) but rather it doesn't matter for game play if "An inspired, misunderstood genius" identifies as a man or woman, for example. Further, attraction between players isn't set in straight fashion and pairing could create homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual identities based on casting and shifts. I wanted the identity to be fluid and casting to challenge what might be seen as gender tropes. It has been interesting, and I have loved seeing how different castings and gender identity change the presentation of the roles.

But I goofed up. In writing the 7, and then 9 characters, I gave the characters traditional gender-specific names and used gender specific pronouns. In the various runs, I edited each sheet for the casting and player chosen identity. But this meant that each run reflected the specific casting and gender of the run. It was quite a bit of work to verify that each character sheet had the correct gender nuances for the sheet and the other castings in the run.

This wasn't what I originally wanted, and I should have gone the extra half-mile to create gender neutral names and material. Well, that is what I am doing NOW. Essentially, I am filing off gender markers from the entire game. It is a bit of work and I tend to fall on using the character's name instead of shorthand pronouns.

In any case, I wanted to list here the gender-neutral names. I know some have some gender leanings, but overall, I like these:

Rowan Van Allen
Emery Janos
Charlie Wares
Alexis Smythe
Dinton Jiness
Clover Linden
Morgan Sears
Loren Larson
Jordan Wu

So, what does my internet bunch think? Are these suitably vague in terms of gender id? Would you feel comfortable playing a character with this name and your preferred gaming gender id? Inquiring GMS need to know!

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2016-02-24 10:25 am
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Five Happy thoughts - post Intercon

1. Fossils by Aoife O'Donovan (of Crooked Still)
2. Facebook Like filtering (I can Like-Like something which is amusing)
3. Commedia Show TOMORROW in Berlin (C'mon Camelot folks, see you there?
4. Working on a new LARP for Intercon Q (sort of 2 games, actually)
5. Ira headed back to school after being sick (Strep is not pretty)

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2016-02-17 01:18 pm
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Bummer of a Birthmark, Hal

So, for the upcoming Crossover LARP campaign, I am playing a Hind, a Sylvan Deer creature. I have been making a shopping list for him and I am having a problem finding a decent tribal shirt, and I'll probably just go with renaissance shirt #76 at least at the start, but my shopping antics have lead me to discover that most deer-related items are for HUNTERS.

This is a bit creepy, but then again, I should have known that, right?

Anyhow, a camo-deer hoodie might be a possibility, and there are a number of jewelry things that are nifty. And then there is this... ...A remote-controlled mechanical deer tail!

Sure it is for a deer decoy and it is aimed to improve your chances of killing a deer - something antithetical to my character concept, eh? But I could have a working, swishing floofy tail!

How did I ever even get to this crossroads? What say you great Internet friends. Would you sew this into the butt of your pants?

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2016-02-16 02:11 pm
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Five Happy thoughts

1. 49 Degree HEATWAVE!
2. Characters for INTERCON! Excitement!
3. New Debit Card and Credit Card
4. Went to SAVERS and Chunky's yesterday
5. Merengue Rojo on the HARP!

To break out #4 a bit, bought 4 dress shirts, 2 ties, a belt, and a stretchy teal sheet for costuming and packets. Savers was CRAZY because it was in 50% off Presidents Day Sale mode. The we say The Good Dinosaur, which was good, but not great. Lots of internal logical faults, but a good story.

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2016-01-05 10:27 am
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Sweet 70s Serenades

I have no idea why, but the soft rock wonder of the 70s is calling to me today. It started with Chicago's Greatest Hits, then Michael Franks, and now James Taylor. Don't get me wrong. This is good stuff. But it seems an odd thing to feel crave.

Ah well, January Cold I battle thee with the rock that is soft.

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2016-01-04 04:45 pm

2015 in review

So, reviewing 2015…
Read more... )
Anyway, thank you 2015. You were a year. May 2016 be even better.

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2015-12-01 09:36 am
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Punch it in, kick it over

So, this is a 100% affectation, but I have been enjoying listening to cassettes in my car. It is a funny sort of thing, I guess. I pulled out a case of cassettes when I was cleaning out the garage and then I pulled a dozen of these and have them loose under the car stereo. There is something visceral and delightful about pushing in the cassette, and rewinding and the whole process. Plus, since I full stopped buying cassettes in 1993 or sometime around then, it is a guaranteed 20 year old time machine. This morning’s tunes? The Gin Blossoms’ “New Miserable Experience.” Still amazing.

I acknowledge that this is probably about me getting older, but if it is good enough for Dean Winchester, it is good enough for me. Get off the sidewalk, kids. I am driving here.

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2015-11-30 03:23 pm
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Rassel-frassin' Amazon 2nd Day Air my butt

Am I seriously surprised when Prime Items are scheduled out a week, despite 2nd Day Air? Get it in order Amazon. I have LARPS to go to this weekend! Why do I have LARPS to go to this weekend? Seems sort of crazy, I admit.

Anyway, after some more selective shopping and I will be getting all I need...

A pad of Black drawing paper (instead of sheets)
A silver and a gold calligraphy pen (Instead of ink well & pen)
A black fleece tactical balaclava
Jet Liquid Eyeliner
Prime Time Foundation 15 Fl Oz (wanted 30)

So, that was 3 swapped out items and I dropped a second eyeliner. I guess that the Amazonians are a bit busy, and in the end I am okay. Still, I am a bit let down. Consider this a warning for holiday shopping.

Related, looking forward to 5th Gate's Conglomeration event.

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2015-11-24 09:56 am

Long time no post - Intercon, at least

So, it has been months since my last post. Weird. Either too much to write about, or too much to do, or no ideas of interest. Go figure. While I don't want this journal to be ALL-LARP ALL-THE-TIME, recording Intercon history has been good.

Friday: "A Second Chance for Wings (run 2)"

Saturday Morning: waitlisted for "Red Dwarf" with back-up plan of sleep.

Saturday afternoon: "Stop that Moon" Bofferiffic superheroes a la Sentinels

Saturday Night: "Platform 6" which has a great sci-fi vibe

Sunday: Dustpan", a game of things under the couch. With Bess!

So, um, no pirates in sight despite the theme. I have not done enough work on "Bowie, Bowie, Bowie" to bid it (yet). If I do bid it, I probably will ask to run it Saturday Morning...

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