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I got out of the habit of doing this, and it is a pity. I fear that 2015 will need me to "Accentuate the Positive!"

1. 2 parties in 2 days, with engaged, interested kidlings, no less!
2. Playing the "One Night Ultimate Werewolf" game
3. Some good sleep for a change
4. A new (to me) show - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
5. Bess, who ends this list, but is my alpha and omega in all things.

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2014 in review...

Played in two campaigns, Cottington Woods and Occam's Razor. They were awesome, and very different. I staffed Shadows of Amun and we threw our players back in time.

I went to The LARP FORUM and represented Shadows and further ensconced myself in the greater LARP community.

Shadows had a player leave, and get banned, after reports of sexual assaults withing related communities.

Went to Intercon. Bess and I reran The Wreckers. I played A Mayfair in the Colonies, Planetfall, Blackfyre Rising, Dragon Palace, and Star-Crossed! What a bunch of great games! Good Con - great costumes - fun games.

Visited the Legoland Center in Yonkers. Crazy family times.

Went to Carolingian Family Day and had a great time.

I bought & started using an electric lawnmower.

I bought a new phone

I talked about LARPS a lot

We went to Pennsic. I did a few commedia shows. I cooked. I cleaned. We went to Reptiland. It was fun. This was our vacation for the year. It was a busy and taxing year.

Went to Coronation with the kids.

Ira had his Bar mitzvah

Went to a local SCA dance event.

We had Thanksgiving and the holidays happen

So, overall, I am doing family stuff apace. I am doing a lot of LARP stuff. I do minimal SCA stuff & Pennsic. And I do lots of LARP stuff... that was 2014. I did not do a lot of exercise or many outings. I need to get into the outdoors more, as an outdoorsy person. I mean, yeah, the boffer games are in the woods, but other camping and outdoors stuff would be good.

My social media use is crazy inconsistent. Work has been okay. Friends should be seen more.

Overall, life is good.

More anon in 2015...
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So, I do have a life outside LARPs, but these games do take up a lot of my social consciousness and thought processes. And I have a question for the masses; What do you use for you core costumes, and where do you get them?

It is always a tricky question for me. Certainly, I like having some major identifying signature items, but a multi-functional or replaceable core outfit is great, too. For Kristoff I played a sort of nifty trick in that I used some of my favorite renaissance shirts (which I could order online) and basic black jeans. That made up a great core outfit and I could get three of each, or replace them as needed. The signature items were my hat, a black suede vest, and a coat. For HAY! I used an inexpensive round collared shirt (period-oid) that I found on a reasonable online dealer, and then tan scrubs for pants. While this core is less versatile than basic black jeans, these were inexpensive and easy to replicate. For Ondrej, I have two old suit jackets, and he wears nice modern clothes - stuff I would enjoy wearing to formal events. That is not a problem at all and is perfectly reused.

Staring down at a 5th Gate campaign, and then Crossover, I am faced again with the challenge of buying a core outfit that is either inexpensive, or reusable mundanely or long term in the SCA and other games. Three outfits is tricky, especially as my 5th gate character may be wearing blue & silver, a combination I do not regularly wear.

What do you all do? Thoughts?

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So, due to some late week illnesses, Bess and I decided heading out to a Bar Mitzvah and being disease vectors was probably a bad plan. As a result, we had a nice quiet weekend. Good thing, too. It might be a while...

On Friday, we had some kids over for a sleepover as a favor to Bess' ex-husband. The girls were great, and they get along with our kids extremely well. However, I fear they have a much lower thresh hold for video drama and TV than my kids. Free Birds was a bit too intense. However, the Lego Movie was okay.

On Saturday, I slept in ludicrously late. I woke up a few times, and went back to sleep, but I was in bed til noon. It might be the only time in 2014. Then I tacked the mountain of dishes in the kitchen and did some laundry and had an in-home day. We finished watching Free Birds with the kids, and then Bess and I caught Saving Mister Banks. It was a pretty awesome, and inspiring. Great performances.

Sunday was a religious school day for the kids. I did some more housework, and then Bess and I went out to do some Hanukkah shopping. We narrowly avoided getting trapped by tree-lighters in the town center. Then we tried a new (to us) Chinese place which has a web page order form. We are living in the future. Also, it was delicious and near the Shadows of Amun Site!

So, it was a nice, restful weekend. I'd hoped to do more around the house, but at least the kitchen looks much cheerier. It sort of felt like my life without hobbies. Curious. I'd be bored, but efficient. I guess this is what normal people do?

Today, I briefly rediscovered LinkedIn. I will probably forget about it tomorrow again.

I also racked my brain for other songs to sing from my dusty memory. My focus was on Sting, and aside from "Fields of Gold", I wondered if I knew my old favorite, "Fortress Around Your Heart." As it turns out, I can't get the words quite right from my cold memory. However, I did discover I knew all the words to "Murder by Numbers," by the Police, and it sounds okay without accompaniment. Indeed, it is quite creepy when I sing down a third or stretch it down a fifth. I sort of want to sing it at Shadows of Amun, but 1. Out of Period and 2. SPOILERS! Anyway, I should probably look at all three songs and polish them for the song project.

Also, I probably should get a real video camera... ...I mean just in general. I am an American DAD! Don't camcorders get passed out with babies in this country? Geez!

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So, I have had a thought for a big project for 2015. I am considering a daily narcissistic singing youtube post. I sing a lot, and I know a variety of songs. I am not embarrassed by singing without accompaniment, or easily embarrassed in general. I would like to challenge myself to learn new songs or polish them at least, and maybe create an artifact of my singing efforts. During Ira's Bar Mitzvah, many relatives commented that they didn't know I could sing. That is just wrong, cause I sing a LOT.

I'm not sure how much time this would take. I am not thinking of superior recordings, or multiple takes. Chances are, I will sit down for an hour, sing a dozen songs, take another hour splicing them into a dozen videos and then chosing the best seven for the week in question. Two hours a week can't be so bad. The other option would be to do it all at once, and that might take a half hour start to finish. My hope is to start soon, and build up a back log of quick performances.

So, what do people think. Do you think something like short daily video of me singing would be achievable? Any suggestions? Is it worth it?

More anon...

EDIT: Having just played with Youtube, this will be easier than I though, especially if I am not too picky about video quality (which I am not) or editing... or, if I am good with letting the youtube serve take time with each edit. I think my time scale is really much shorter, and I can work on quality of singing and recording.
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Had a good Thanksgiving, despite traffic and poorly devised plans which mostly involved me being stubborn and saying WE-CAN-DO-IT! We did manage, although we were late to the party in New Jersey. Overall, I love that our kids have a sense of the extended family. It doesn’t hurt that I like Bess’ family a lot. We also saw Big Hero 6. It was awesome and I loved it. This might be one we have to own.

I spent part of yesterday (between taking calls at work) working on Ondrej Vlk’s family history. I have a family tree and a few additional stories. I hope to submit this addition by the end of the week. It is curious because I seem to be painting him much more sympathetic than I originally envisioned. This might be because I have already played him longer than expected? In any case, I like his background more now, and some of his history that he has been telling people might be exaggerations.

In similar LARP news, I have been poking my build for 5th Gate. Now that a teammate is taking on the role of Heart of the Warband, I am focusing on being a big damn caster. The more I play with the build, the more my card gets confusing as hell. I had hoped to keep it simple, but now I have at least two skills for each statistic and a pool of per event statistics to share on my skills just in case. It makes sense, and is a good build that will allow me to throw a lot of uncalled packets (and 3 back-up thrown weapons because at 1CP why not?) but it won’t be easy to keep track of all my skills and incants and stuff. AGAIN! If, for some reason, I pick up Heart of the Warband later, the build will be good for that as well. Most of my utility comes from having a big pool of uncalled packets. This is good by me because, on reflection, my main advantage as a packet chucker is that my throwing arm has excellent range. Being able to throw over our defensive line into a cluster of foes will be too much fun and I can enjoy doing that ALL DAY. Plus, the Necromancer header (with a slice of Dead Speaker) will provide a lot of great role-play possibilities. I suspect that I will end up taking Heart of the Warband as I build my character and we realize we need another war band, but I will let that form organically in game. It is a relief to dial back down to two headers. Also? The off-hand weapon skill for the Necromancer does not specify the type of weapon being held, just the material (bone). This means I could be a caster with a pole-arm or a two-hander, which, you know, is a complete weapon form. Not that staff isn’t, but pole arm is even cooler… and bone? If I do this right, it will look AWESOME!

Cottington Woods is coming up, and I am excited for the ball. I ordered a tailcoat on EBAY and it is not quite right. It is too nice for HAY! So, I am stuck with the dilemma, do I mess it up a bit and add patches, or do I keep it for other LARP uses? Part of me just wants to make HAY! a much more awkward coat. Maybe I can make a quick mock up for a tailcoat, and make it in some rough fabric, and use that mock up for HAY! It is a thought. Who knew doing too well on Ebay was a problem?

With the holidays coming up, I am horribly off for getting presents. I have a few ideas, but I will need to wait for my next payday (Dec 9) to pursue these. My budgeting in 2014 has been HORRIBLE! I must get this under control next year.

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Weekend Update: This was a quiet one. I tackled the leaves and the front of my house looks great! Don't look in the back yard, though. Saw a 5 point buck wander by the house. He was awesome, and totally casual. Then, we went to visit my folks and celebrate (overdue) Bess' birthday with them. It was a mellow time.

Also, Bess and I are all caught up on Doctor Who. I really like Capaldi, but I wish he had better writing. There were a few moments this season where I could not suspend my scientific disbelief. I did appreciate and enjoy the overarching story and themes, though. Looking forward to more, because Doctor Who!

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So, the floodgates opened on the first pick of games for Intercon. My choice was clear. "For those in Peril on the Sea" is about whaling, 19th Century, a sensory game, and SINGING! Plus, it is run by someone I trust. AND THERE WILL BE A WHALE, RIGHT!

*ahem* In any case, it was a small game, and I feel a bit selfish for grabbing a spot, but I don't care. I am also quite excited having learned the other players. This is a nice feature this year and gets a positive thumbs up from me. While I would have learned about some of the other players, some I don't know well enough to follow their journals/fb/media. I am quite psyched for this group. It will be a good game.

I think I will be greedy in my second pick for Saturday Night as well. Spring River sounds like a great game, and could be a very emotional experience. The GM team is a solid, and popular one, and I am surprised there are many openings at this point. If I fail to get into this A Song of Mergers and Acquisitions will be a fun, and easily costumed game.

I am entertaining greed in my choice 1 & 2 because I think the rest of my con may well be spent running and assisting where I can. I hope to crunch for Stop That Moon! and have offered my assistance in Planetfall. Then, there is my game. Thus, the schedule is full.

Next year I hope to run a LARGE game. We will have to see what inspiration hits. Bess and I have joked and considered a horde game based on "Too Many Cooks." That could be truly frightening, but might involve a writing party and a lot of alcohol.


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So, in light of last weekend, I feel like I ought to roll up a back-up character for Occam's Razor. It is not a necessity. I imagine that Ondrej has the support and tenacity to last the campaign, plus the staff seem to like and reinforce the concept. I do not think there are a lot of players who have invested their characters with background skills like Contact or three levels of Corporate Ranking. He is an oddly focused fellow. Still, the kid gloves are off and characters can perm. If presented with a choice, his life or Charlotte's, he might actually sacrifice himself. He might. I don't think there is anything else he'd kill himself for yet, and that is the most notable way out of game so far. That, or several trips through the res mechanic, and he hasn't even gone once.

Still, it makes one think. If I had to come into the game as a new character, I would want one who is completely different. Not so much because I don't want to play in the same circles, although it would be confusing to reinsert myself into Ondrej plot, but because I like playing lots of different games. Looking at Kristoff versus HAY versus Ondrej, it is clear that I enjoy characters with hugely different voices, physicality and builds. Plus, I would probably love freaking people out by playing a character that is so totally unidentifiable Ondrej it is amazing.

So, I think the back-up concept is a hippy shaman who wields Shamanic magic - hair down in the face, bandanna and poncho, lots of "Dude... man.. cool... vibe." and a big old grin. Probably a chaotic good, staff wielding mystic type. Race is not-human (and undecided, but a few possibilities) His game will be a very different circle, but probably closely related to Billy St. Francis, and JD Walker, and I dunno who - I am so far from this circle of the game it is crazy. But essentially, almost every axis that Ondrej chooses, this guy rejects.

I'm not eager to play this guy, but it is curious to have a back-up in my pocket, and it would be fun to play a staff fighter with magic who can actually run around and fight a different fight. I had a back-up concept for Cottington that I have no intention of playing, but was there if they didn't like my golem. This is different though.

How do other people feel about getting permed and having a back-up character? How does that feel?

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It always amazes me how someone with a bum leg can be stealthy. I took out ninja, a flak jacketed soldier, and a sniper in a bell tower. This from a man who CAN'T RUN. Ondrej has a trick knee and spends all game under permanent slow. Apparently, you don't have to run to get the jump on someone. The Bell Tower, though... ...amazing!

Also HUGE rp compliment - "It is so weird to hear you talk without an accent. I thought it was real." I have to note, even when I do happen to drop out of character, asking for clarifications and such, I keep the accent because I can't shake it at that point.

It felt good to trust my instincts about a plot that could have wound up with a grant or inflict. I sort of felt like the ally had our best interests at heart, and he really did. I'm looking forward to seeing how being in this horrible corner will help me deal with the other evils in this world.

Someone on my team essentially became an OR version of a Fallen, and we had to PERM him... perhaps the most disgusting way possible. This was a character that Ondrej had just become to look at as a brother, and then he had to order his death. UGH. There was no choice. Really hard stuff. Luckily, I knew OOG, that Clock was finally enjoying his character more than before. A good ending is a great thing.

Seeing and fleeing from the robots I donated to the game. OMG, those toys are horrifying. 3 damage/3 damage/5 damage (wash rinse repeat)

Making the decision to stick with the Court of Dusk and Gloam-ridden trait when all the other players were like, "We don't want to be their pawns." Then getting audience with the Dusk King being fun and AWESOME the next night. Chance to fight for the SWORD OF PEACE? (that is hilarious by the way - fight for peace!) Also, how many ways can I swear allegiance to Ezra?

After MY mission to eradicate the Yakuza in the area, I realize I never promised anyone payment. I pay off all the medics and doctors anyway, because that is how I roll. I really want as many healers in my wallet as I can fit.

We all learned that the death mechanic can taint people. Oh hell! So glad I have not died. Must do all I can to keep it that way. Need to pay medics more.

Did I mention taking out a sniper in the bell tower? With a cane? Cause that was AWESOME! So super sneaky and unexpected. Rockstar moment of game. Big risk, too. I had no backup and if he had shot me, I would have been a well-dressed, bloody corpse.

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So, my calender is pretty much LARP-centric lately, and will be next year. Do not be surprised if this LJ becomes largely a forum for LARP topics. One of those things. Next year? Here is what I got...

10-12 Cottington Woods (and missing Occams Razor, drat conflicts)
17-19 Shadows of Amun
1-3 Fifth Gate (I am not playing this - okay, I might be)
8-10 Bess goes to Clockwork Skies to NPC
15-17 Occams Razor
22-24 Shadows of Amun (Memorial Day weekend. conflict with Aralis CLOSER - SADface)
29-31 Bess goes to 5th Gate
5-7 Cottington Woods (Bess misses Clockwork Skies)


4-6 I go to 5th Gate
11-13 Clockwork Skies for Bess
18-20 Cottington Woods
25-27 Shadows of Amun
2-4 Bess at 5th Gate
9-11 Bess at Clockwork Skies
31- Occams Razor

So, for four games each, and 5 total, there is only 1 conflict for me, and 1 conflict for Bess. That is pretty amazing. Also, CRAZY

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How did Good Charlotte get on the list?

Wordle: Occams Game 3 PEL
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I have switched to the Moto X phone, which has limited storage. No longer can I swap out micro-sd cards! This is okay. I have tons of music streaming from Amazon. However, if I intend to listen to my offline (crazy, that) I must download some and that brings back the top 10 albums idea!

So, I have what are the top albums you could not live without right now? Curious music fiends are curious...

(This has been cross-posted to G+ and Facebook, which is a curious experiment right there)
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So now that I have a new phone I have decided to test the voice to text feature and see how it is doing now. so far I am pretty impressed however it looks like the punctuation is going to be a problem

Anyway we were supposed to go too water country today however the weather prevented us from going. Pennsic holy cow it's recognized Pennsic okay I am impressed it is almost like a geek worked on this voice recognition so Here I am in the future dictating a blog post Wow.

Speaking of Pennsic its looks like we are almost set which worries me because we can't possibly be set so soon we picked up a second tent at Target yesterday this maybe for just me and bess or it may be for some kids I set it up last night and I also set up our old tent we will see how they handle the rain and hopefully have enough time to seal them this week in case they don't handle the rain

Anyway we have a nother day to pack and prepare for Pennsic and I will see how that goes we are still thinking of leaving on Friday

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Commedia practice last night went pretty well. One show is smoking good - lots of energy and zing - the other is limping along, but has a lot of potential. I really need to up my game and get excited for it. Hopefully, the Pennsic audience will help. In any case, I am enjoying getting back in the swing of things and hanging out with these people.

I just ordered a pair of Frye boots. Amazon has them on unbelievable sale, and I had a couple of gift cards, so I couldn't resist. Farewell money! Hello, kick butt boots with reasonable support. Just in time for Pennsic, no less. Not quite period, but fine for war. .. and study. What? Don't judge me. I can judge myself just fine.

I'm think 4-5 good outfits and a laundry run. I probably could go without the laundry run, but prepping 4 good outfits is easier than 5 good ones and a few crappy ones. Meh. I'll probably spend half the week in the Cristovau outfit anyway.

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So, last weekend was Game 3 of Shadows of Amun. If you have not heard, we super-surprised our PC base by sending this group of 1919 players to the end of the 2nd Crusades, 1168. The looks of shock and horror were fairly awesome, and the transition – amazing.

Thinking on game )

Overall, things went well. I have a weird staff role where I wind up on the PC side as a hook a whole lot. It almost feels like I am playing the game with a full set of spoilers. It is a weird experience, but I sort of like it. I am writing and playing.

At some point I need to get some more combat against the players in. 1168 should help.

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One delightful thing about Welcome to Dragon Palace was that all the PCs, except one, are involved in Shadows of Amun. Half of us are PCs (Tiger, Boar, Rooster, Dog, & Rat) and the other half of us NPC (Horse, Rabbit, Monkey, Snake, and Ox). It was unusual and fun to work together as a make-shift team. Strengely familiar, and yet not. I felt a bit bad for Meg, our amazing Goat, who is not involved in Shadows.

Guess who may be coming to Shadows in May as a PC?

It is still tentative, but I hope so. Our Goat was such a great player, and it would be fabulous to see her in Luxor.

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So, the announcement has been made:

"The player of Aziz, Dustin Hennesy, will no longer be allowed admittance to any Shadows of Amun event, either in the capacity of a player or in the capacity of an NPC.

Shadows of Amun is committed to a safe gaming environment for all our attendees.

Shadows of Amun Plot Staff."

This has been an emotionally draining decision. Ultimately, the safety of our players comes first. With the testimony presented, publicly and privately, there was no other alternative.

I am extremely thankful to be part of this responsive and considerate group. I also remain impressed by the strength of character shown by those who have spoken out, and who have come to me about this.

Thank you for trusting us and giving us a chance to try to do the right thing. We are in your debt.

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So one of my xmas gifts was Kate Bush's album 50 Words for Snow. It is thematically appropriate for the season, and a delight. Very atmospheric and sensual and humorous.

I must place the caveat that I am a crazy big Kate fan. She could read the phone book or recite pi and I'd like it. Actually, she did that on Aerial. This album is quite similar.

But I am happy...

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So, everyone else seems to be weighing in on games, and now I have opinions...

So, I am really interested in "AFTER PARTY" because I am curious about Ars Armandi, and the setting seems highly appropriate for an interesting game. I think this is my leading choice.

After that, well, it depends on what is open... If these games don't fill or conflict outright, I might try...

A Game of Thrones: Blackfyre Rising (Because I adore the GMs, and who knows - I can turn my TV series lore into... a nightmare - A performance!)
A Mayfair in the Colonies (Also, a fabu team! and such a concept, especially as a Chelmsford resident - 2nd leading game?)
Cirque Du Fey (such a fun concept - circus and Fey!?!)

Then, there are the tertiary games I find fascinating, but I am guessing won't fill automatically.

Last Fair Deal Gone Down - Sounds awesome, and is my realstic second pick
Planetfall - I can't ignore a good scifi game, and this sounds good
Rabbit Run - Hey, these GMs sound familiar - a mini Accelerant game at Intercon?
Dying of the Light - Experimental, angsty and Dylan Thomas quote = winning
Epitaphs - Sounds interesting, and I'm curious what the GMs/Writers do with it
Darfur Bingo - This GM has written one of my favorite and least favorite games: worth a 3rd try!

And of Course, I am running The Wreckers with Bess! So, when the preliminary schedule comes out, everything changes! And who knows? I may want to help out with another game run.

Anyway, those are my first thoughts. Second thoughts? We'll see...

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So, a friend of mine has taken a Pinterest interest in cotehardies, and I was looking up some information on friends who know a thing or two about them. I've never made one, but I have heard fitted cotehardies are a handful. One thing leads to another and I'm looking at Carolingia's Order of the Moon.

I fall near the end, 03/06/2010 - Cristovau Vasquez... ...but that list, it is excellent company to keep and I have not been in this company much of late. It was a striking fit of melancholy. I need to get out more.

So, I hope to get a chance to see the Lysistrata show that the Verse and Vodka irregulars are putting on. It would be good to see all y'all there.

Oh, and if anyone has excellent resources on Cotehardies, that would be awesome as well.

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Against my better judgement, I think I am going to give The Occams Razor Game a try. There are two one day events, and while I can't make the second one because it conflicts with Shadows of Amun, I can do the first one.

I do not think I can handle doing more than one PC stint a try right now, especially while npc-ing the heckout of Shadows. Still, the concept looks too much fun and it will be interesting to try something different. The web site is slick, if you haven't seen it, and the rule book is great. I was worried about the layout of the rule book, but the database and character generator took care of my worries. Very slick overall.

Worst yet, I was tackled by a character concept. Luckily, I think it is the type I can play and put down as needs be. Who knows? And trying a game can't hurt, right?

In any case, if you are interested in this game, let me know. If nothing else, I'll see you there.

EDIT: And because I am who I am, I have a three page back-story for a character that I will probably just play for one day... this is without any other PC ties! Geez!

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INFO SKILLS! Oh my... ...7V, I missed you.

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So, it strikes me that I should post this on my own journal as well as others:

We want you! Shadows of Amun, a Horror and Adventure Larp set in historical 1918 Egypt, has begun casting NPCs for the Fall sessions and Campaign. The game is a mix of Indiana Jones, H.P. Lovecraft and Casablanca whirled in an Accelerant blender. Roles will be varied and there are many roles for boffer combat and nerf gunners, and role-play as well. The sooner you sign up, the better we can match your style of play.

The Fall games will be running on September 27th – 29th and shortly thereafter on October 11th – 13th. We have a CP exchange with many LARPs and we are running at the picturesque East Boston Camps (66 Depot St., Westford, MA 01886.)

Enter the Shadows(website)

This would also be a great opportunity for Intercon and theater-style folks to dip their feet in boffer games, and the accellerant rule system you may have heard so much about.

Please e-mail me at to sign up for our npc list, or if you have any questions.
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Cottington Woods Costume:
- Add patches to 2 shirts
- Try on pants & add patches (tonight, each pair gets 2 patches)
- Pick out belt & pouches
- Pick out socks
- admire hat
- Finish lining second cowl (who needs 2 cowls?) NOT HAPPENING
- Add Rafia to cowls (optional, but preferred)
- Add Rafia to shoes (optional)
- Practice make-up (a little)
- Tie up some Hay bundles

Other Cottington Stuff
- Packets, packets packets (reached 200, would like moahr)
- Work out food
- Clean and check 2 coolers
- Paint Cabin Sign!
- Take care of water/drinks
- Shop for foodstuffs
- make Sammiches
- Pack!
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Had a good time at Festival. Finally played The Dance and the Dawn. It was awesome, and would have been great even if I had not found true love. Don"t know if I got a good picture of my outfit as the Prince of Ice. It worked even without a circlet. Bess did a nice elegant set if braids in my hair. Overall, it went well.

Sadly, I was still in a very courtly elegant mood when I hit Cracks in the Orb which means I sort of navigated away from scandals instead of diving head first into them. Several times I talked myself out of trouble which is not in character. I also missed the love plot possibility due to player chemistry and subtleties. Still, despite the failure to "win" I had a great time. The character was rich and full of detail and practically crafted for me. I"d live to port a version of him into another game. Some scenes were out and out fabulous. All in all, this was a great time.

I had a good time helping and hanging out as well. There were some enthusiastic new gamers and their delight was infectious.

Today is a day being dad. No offense to any writers or gamers, but this may be my favorite role of all.

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So, my two sign ups right now are The Dance and the Dawn & Cracks in the Orb. I seem to be doing dance games. Bess must be rubbing off on me, so to speak.


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Bardic Dad

Feb. 3rd, 2013 07:34 pm
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So, yesterday I forfeited my role as performer and competitor in favor of filling the role of dad. It was worth it for at best I would have brought my b+ game and I would have needed my a game for the finals.

While I was a bit disappointed, I enjoyed connecting with old, dear friends. My kids had a great time. Nonny was helpful in the kitchen and someone gave her the delightful apron that read "Don't make me poison the food." Noah for his part was his rough and tumble four year old self.

Bess and Ira had a nice quiet day at home. It must have helped cause Bess is doing much better.

There is some serious illnesses around my life and some people are looking a bit too closely at death. This weekend was good, though. Others will be too.

As always, more anon...
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1. Tomorrow is a Holiday filled with fun parade and visiting friends
2. I signed up for Fitocracy, to schedule and start exercising
3. Amazon is having a HUGE MP3 sale, which I abused - 16 new albums SNAG!
4. Lots of noodling around with new LARP character concepts
5. Nonny is a ray of energetic sunshine - part of that is being 7, but mostly her.

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So we finished our little scene today. No more learning lines. I am so glad to be done. and it wasn't too bad. I think I made a pretty good dagger.

I even remembered most of my lines. Now I can relax and focus on all the things I did not do before. Oh boy there are a lot of things. I need to work on my PEL and Nonny's party and work and mad is next weekend... fun fun.

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May. 7th, 2012 06:27 pm
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So I was thinking of working on writing a journal entry by speaking into my phone. I'm not really sure if this works well but so far so good. It occurred to me that to really get the most out of my phone given that bad keyboard it would be good to be able to speak into it and have it right.

I have to admit I am impressed. Now for the tricky part.

More undone... nope mark I know hun... oops more hun on... more than on.

I guess some things need to be done by hand.

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Mar. 10th, 2012 03:27 pm
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Noah calls his favorite Minotaur figure YAKMAN. It is pretty cute.

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A mammal of action


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So, it looks like Clockwork Skies, a steampunk larp, will be starting in, er, 14-ish months, or, after 7V ends. I am excited by this. In my excitement, I went to puruse the rules of The Calling, which was by some of the same people. I realize the games will be different, but I wanted a sense of how the system handles handguns and the like, which aren't in 7V.

The answer is guns are like everything else, sort of. But, Oh my! Nerf guns, spell packets, arrow packets, thrown weapons... ..the air must have been buzzing with stuff in any big battle. I can't imagine.

It is highly likely that Bess and I will be in the pc line when this opens for real. This time Not Siblings! It worked well in 7V, but enough already.

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So, Linfarn run filled up instantly. Drat! In an amusing coincidence, I will probably play two games run by two different Jamies on Saturday.

My schedule, most likely;
Friday: Serpent Spiral
Sat morning: sleep and childcare
Sat afternoon: What Ripping Fun!
Sat evening; Beatnik Cafe
Sun morning: Sleep and dad taxi

It will be good to have a light con, because I really want Spiral to be our best game yet.

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Sep. 26th, 2011 11:16 pm
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So, some folks got together to do some singing tonight. My filk went off better than it had any right. We worked on lots of stuff. It was good fun all around.

Looking forward to doing this again, sometime...

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Books, Dinosaurs!, Arrow to the Sun, Arthur's April Fool, Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros

Songs... Alligators All Around, In Your Eyes, Mr. Thong and Perry the Platypus

Ira had to bring back Mr. Thong. Luckily, I made up a lullaby. In other news, I smashed one of our laundry baskets to squish a spider. That is ONE dead spider.

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Books. Daddy All Day Long, Beetle Boy

Songs. Alligators All Around, Littlest Pet Shop - Ira Version, In Your Eyes

The pet shop song is one I made up. A Nonny favorite.
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Books, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, Magic School Bus Visits the Waterworks

Songs,. Alligators All Around, In Your Eyes, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Just Nonny and Noah tonight. I love Hershel. It is fun to read the different goblin voices. Goblin two, a glutton, is a particular favorite.

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Books. Magic Schoolbus Journeys Under the Earth, Blueberries for Sal

Songs. Alligators All Around, Gonzo Academy Cheese Tollbooth (improv a la Ramones), Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (non~Shatner)

A nice night all around and we are closing in on the end of season 5 of Buffy.

With beer. Just because. And this weekend we clean stuff. Really. Okay, we'll see.

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Sep. 14th, 2011 12:16 am
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I have been flooded with sonnet inspiration. Sadly, the poetry is for next months 7V game, so it may be a while before I post them. Nothing works for inspiration like a deadline.

Speaking of which, I will write for scrolls should any scribe need some text. I promise to make bad lines verse.

Perhaps I have said too much...

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Sep. 10th, 2011 01:32 pm
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Long, slow morning. Kids enjoyed wii, Phineas & Ferb, Moes SW grill and some park time.

Day with dad while Bess gets better. Tired. But good weather for it.
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Books. Mummies in the morning, The right number of elephants

Songs. Alligators all around, Golden slumbers, In your eyes

Very tired night. May next week be better.

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Which plague its next? Door to door salesmen?
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Books: Tia, the Tulip Fairy (gack! Awful stuff)

Songs: In Your Eyes, Sunrise Sunset (someone is being predictable)

Shorter because Noah went right to sleep.

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Books: One Hungry Monster, I Went Walking, Rosie's Tea for Two

Songs: Alligators All Around, Sunrise Sunset, In Your Eyes

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So I know I'm out of shape, but really, fifteen minutes of point control drills should not tighten my calves like this. Stupid lunges. Also, feeling slightly ill. May be a though day all around.

Had a weird dj anxiety dream this morning. All my songs were too short and I was scrambling and failing to fill up dead air. Also, I failed to record my playlist, so I had no idea what was going on. Weird. I left college radio twenty years ago.

Anyhow, kids are kids and it sounds like Bess could use a hand. More anon...
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It is sunny on the Cape, but there is some serious hurricane fear going on. This has been a good, if reflective vacation.

It has included much sarcasm from our tween, possibly augmented by his best friend, a great meal, mild sunburn and kites.

If I started drinking wine, is that a new hobby or an extension of an existing hobby?

Overall, I feel old. Who gave me a license to have kids again?

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1. Swipe keypad works, sorta
2. Ice cream from Sullys
3. Vacation on the cape starts tomorrow
4. Nonny is a chorus girl and orphan in Annie
5. New batch of music from emusic

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