Jan. 7th, 2015

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Five Good things

1. My tailcoat, which looks splufty even with patches
2. Noah goes skiing today - Yay winter fun
3. Amazon music service, I stream all day these days
4. Bess made super-delicious pork last night
5. LARP floon (CW, 5th gate, OR, Intercon, ALLtheGAMES)

More anon...
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So, in this day and age it seems unfavorable to embrace a resolute attitude, and so many people I know, perhaps after discovering they are not resolute creatures in years past, have created goals for 2015. I have been milling around the idea of goals or maybe even resolutions for myself and I am unsure what I my commitments to myself might be.

Some general aims, then? How pathetically non-committal of me!

Yoga. Doing some nightly yoga improves my sleep and my life. There is no reason not to do this. 15 minutes of stretching and relaxing is worth 30 minutes of sleep. Do the math. Win, win. Surprising how hard it is to motivate myself at the end of the day despite this.

Outdoors. I love going outdoors. It may seem crazy on a super cold day like today, but I need sun and outdoors time every day. Lunchtime walks and constitutionals should be doable.

The five happy thoughts thing. I know some people do this for the morale boost, but for me, it as much about tracking and journaling my life. If I list five things everyday, then I cover some of the minutia I don't talk about elsewhere. Plus, it is a simple entry that keeps my journaling alive.

LARP. I have a lot of this. My main goal is to try and keep this from eating ALL of my life. so that includes, writing PELs shortly after the event and submitting quick simple versions of my PELs. It means packing and organizing in the lead up to events. I must remember that I only have ONE Occams and ONE 5th Gate game this Spring, so my Shadows and Cottington kits take precedence and must be maintained to a higher degree.

SCA. Uncertain. I had a good bit of floon after Pennsic, but that is waning. Bess and I will maintain some plans for going to events. I must make the effort to do Birka and some other good upcoming things. Do we do Pennsic again? Uncertain. It might be easier now that Ira is in a more stable spot. Thoughts from the SCA crowd?

Household. March and April should be good months for cleaning the interior of the house. LARP season presents some challenges as that coincides with yard maintanence. My feeling in this is that I want to do minimal lawn care, but the shrubs need some serious tending. The garage may have to wait for the summer for a purging.

Digital organizing of photos and music is on a back-burner. The video singing blog is currently on hold. I need to find some appropriate studio-space and set aside some time to set this up. So, digital audio/video projects are on hold. I will continue to record and store stuff and buy music and the like, but I am not making organizing a priority right now. Too many other things.

Work. We did not move last year, but we will likely move in 2015. I need to get my cruft under control and ready for migration. That means purging some of the "maybe this will be useful sometime" bins of repair goods. Also, going through my pending repairs and fixing/scrapping them.

Health. Yoga and walks outside are a good start. I want to focus on practical exercises, again. This means sparring, running, and throwing packets. After Intercon, I will begin couch to 5k, again, and see what sort of time my 5K is now. I should add in time for staff work and packet chucking.

Love life. I think Bess and I are spending a good amount of time together. I hope to vary some of our together activity at night more. We have a lot of hobbies we share. Of course, even when we watch tv together we are often working on sewing projects and other things. We also need to plan dates, other than regularly scheduled home-time.

So, that is it. What did I miss? Thoughts and comments welcome.

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