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Overall, this was a good weekend. Friday had me heading home early because work was slow. Then Saturday, I had a lazy morning followed by a decent round of cleaning. Our dining room is much more livable as a result. As usual, I found a lot of interesting useful stuff.

Then Sunday was a clash of things. Since Purim was last week, our Temple’s religious studies (which happen on Sunday because, well, Sunday) were swapped out for the Purim Spiel, and carnival. Nonny and Noah were extremely well behaved for this and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Then I drove down to my Parents for an Easter Dinner. My folks aren’t religious any longer, but Easter dinner is a tradition, and that was important right now.

Tomorrow my dad is going into the hospital for a quadruple bypass, his first heart surgery. He was tired and a bit dazed. My mom is deeply stressed, but handling things well. The operation will be local and is old-hat now, by all accounts. Still, it is a hard thing to consider and daunting.

I’m not sure I ever adjusted to my father’s near death 11 years ago. There is an element to the event that changed him so fundamentally, it was like he had died and his shadow was left. I suppose it is often like that as one gets older, but it was so dramatic after his collapse. And my children never knew him before his collapse, so they only know the slow, tired man.

I am praying that this operation gives him some strength and a measure of renewed happiness. Many people feel this way about their parents, but he really is one of the finest people I know, and deserves as much joy as anyone can stand.

Needless to say, this made for an awkward Easter dinner. I hope your Spring tidings are joyous and meaningful.

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