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So, reviewing 2015…

My Social Media presence is really scattered. The more I was doing, the less I reported what I done did! In LJ, I only made 42 entries this year. Many of those were 5 happy thoughts, mini-entry.

I know I watched a lot of television, and drank a lot of beer and wine. Life. That is what it is.

I started working out at a gym, developed a cold and then plantar fasciitis, and then stopped going to the gym. Enthusiasm drained by this and then got busy with LARP

I played in a ton of LARPS.

Cottington continued to be fun. HAY! Is really well-adjusted and I discovered that it is okay to play a character that is happy with their lot in life.

Occam’s Razor remains creepy and Ondrej is an interesting character for me. I am a terrible businessman, and I can’t really do evil. I am too nice to sell out the player base. I will occasionally throw someone under the bus, or be truly cold-blooded, but in terms of the story arc, Ondrej is softening up.

5th Gate! It happened! I love the Eyrie and I am amazed that such a fun, functional team of TEAM managed to grow around me and my initial cohorts. It is interesting playing someone dead inside. It is a very different role for me.

Shadows of Amun. I was Jesus. If you missed this, you really missed something. One person got to see this twice. Otherwise, it has remained fun. I am glad we are past Cleopatra. Also, we are looking down the barrel of THE END!

Intercon: Did not disappoint. Some favorite games – For Those in Peril… Spring River… Crunch that Moon! VENTING DAY!

And I crunched for the Crossover play test, which was fun.

Outside of LARP: I got a new car.

My mom had cancer and had two operations, and is doing much better. My chance of colon cancer is high.

I learned a batch of new songs.

The family went on Vacation to Conway NH, and just recently Monterey CA with the family. I did not see much of my folks or sister, but I did get in good time with my kids.

Oh, Hey, 2015 resolutions… er… general aims. I did this last year..

Yoga? Not reliably
Outdoors? Not much
5 Happy thoughts: dwindling
LARP – did good on prep, not bad with PELs
SCA: Minimal, and less in the future
Housework? HA!
Work? Going smoothly and improving – moved and switched over to SALESFORCE
Health: not enough – put on weight – gave up exercise
Video of singing? Hah!

Anyway, thank you 2015. You were a year. May 2016 be even better.

More anon...
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