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A while ago, I mentioned I had a huge playlist for Cottington. While I would share it, it is too big and questionably appropriate for the game. I created a shorter list of songs I want to learn and sing, which is a better to share in general.

It feels good to have some songs to sing, and it makes my commute more interesting.

Cottington Woods Playlist (Short Version)

Safe Upon the Shore - Great Big Sea
Weelia Weelia Wallia - Dublineers
She Moved through the Fair - Peter Hollens
Health to the Company - Brobdingnagian Bards
A Clean Song - Oscar Brand
Byrd one Brere - St George Canzona
Wind and Rain - Crooked Still
How Can I Kepp from Singing? - ENYA
Almost Home - HEM
Have You seen but a Bright Lily Grow? - Jennifer Lane
Take My Ashes to the River - Mark Erelli
So Says the Whipporwill - Richard Shindell
Tomorrow Will be Kinder - The Secret Sisters
Wildest Sea - The Strangelings
All the World is green - Tom Waits
Keep me in your Heart - Warren Zevon
Queen of Argyle - Bedlam Bards
Don't get Married Girls - Sean Cannon
The Humbling River - Puscifer
The Mermaid - Great Big Sea

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