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So, my company is moving this weekend - just across town, but my life is chaos. All the stuff I procrastinated about and put into a corner has been unearthed and I have been knocking these things off my to-do lists. It will be nice to be in a new place with a clean(ish) slate. I'm going down to a cubicle, or up depending on your point of view. My desk has always sort of been in an open space. My cube is now a private-like space in our lab. It should be nice. Also, Brickstone is a pretty professional building and 5 minutes closer to home. So, despite the work now, it should be great.

Last night I had a massage with a new massage therapist for me. He may have been trained by House Bolton. This is not necessarily a bad thing - I needed some serious pressure. Still, I have several sore spots, and my shoulders may be two inches lower than before.

My kids are about to embark on a month of serious summer camp, such is July. August is more vacation times. Next year they all move up to the next school. Ira goes to high school. Nonny goes to middle school. Noah goes to 1st grade. This synchronicity will remain throughout their education since they are four years apart, scholastically. I miss the previous versions of the kids they were, but they remain awesome.

I am considering ways to simplify my LARP schedule. Some are ending, but other have begun.

Cottington Woods (ends this Fall)
Fifth Gate (started last Spring - ongoing)
Occams Razor (Ongoing - no end determined)
Shadows of Amun (end Next Spring)
Crossover (Begins next Spring - I will probably join)

So, on my current path - I will be in 4 games this Fall and 4 next Spring, then drop down to 3.

That seems like a lot and I am reconsidering my long-term commitment to Occam's and/or Crossover. It isn't that I don't enjoy them or the concepts behind them, it is just there is life to be lived. These last few LARP-free weeks have been great and I dislike the separation from my family.

Anyway, that is the state of me. Oh, and Bess and I have run out of episodes on our current TV series, so we picked up and are binge-watching Agents of Shield. It is good, and I am enjoying the binge aspect of netflix. We are almost through season one and woah, Joss Whedon has been Joss-like.

More anon...
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