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As I was taking my constitutional during lunch, and the weather was colder than it has been and a touch windy, it struck me that "The good days" are often hard to track or identify without perspective.

Certainly, there are those celebrations or big expected events that are happenings, but these experiences are more like entertainment to be consumed, not self-definitions. That stadium concert may be rocking hard, but it isn't your life. It is an experience shared by 20,000 strangers.

It the quiet walks and the laughter over coffee. It is a meal with friends, or family. The quirky humor you share and odd games you play with one another. These weave the tapestry of your life. You never see that until you get some distance, or get that punch in the face of illness or disease or loss.

When people talk about abundance, they often talk of excess. They rarely talk about what they have, unless they look backwards at something they have lost... the good old days.

Today I looked out at the meadow's grass, losing the first flush yellow-green, and felt the wind on my face and everything was fine. I am grateful for where I am and those around me.

I do not have the gift of perspective, yet, but I am fairly certain that these will be the good old days sometime. I am glad that my mind settled down enough to appreciate that, if for only a moment.

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