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Of course, I cannot say that tomorrow.

This week has been weird. The 5th Gate Silverfire game was surprisingly emotional for me. No, my character isn't emotional. My reaction to playing this dead-inside/dead-outside character is emotional. There is a lot to process. Part of me admires him, and I just don't know how I feel about that.

While Fifth Gate rolls on a boil in the back of my head, real life rolls on. My daughter had a weird confrontation at Hebrew school with her teacher. I think she is very upset with herself and her Hebrew, but is having a hard time expressing it. I'm not sure though. The problem is, she is having a hard time expressing it, so she is a mystery. My step-son remains a young teen, and that is always a challenge. My son has been deep into minecraft, but also legos. He made some amazing small creatures. Further evidence that Noah is actually a cloning experiment.

This weekend is the Non-LARP May weekend. Bess has a craft show tomorrow, and that is preempting my birthday celebrations. Then Sunday is Nonny's birthday and mother's day, and I get a chance to see my mom. It will be the first time since her operation and I am concerned about her a lot. She sounds good, positive, but it is hard.

In 7 days, I go to Occam's Razor, which I am looking forward to.
Then there is Shadows of Amun, which will be a whirlwind.
After that Bess and the Wrathborn side of 5G have fun.
The we go straight into Cottington Woods.

So, four weekends and four different games... ...oh my! Welcome to being 46.

More anon...
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